ΕΤΕΚΑ disposes and offers its consumers all types of petrol, in accordance with the requirements of the Greek legislation and based on all the regulations for environmental protection.

The absolute cover of all our customers’ needs is achieved through the disposal of the following products:

  • Unleaded petrol of 95 octane
  • Unleaded petrol of 100 octane
  • New Unleaded Ultra Power
  • Super LRP

We created the new Unleaded Ultra Power, which contains the concentrated multi-function additive FF-1 PLUS, achieving the following:

  • Increase of combustion efficiency and engine performance
  • Protection and cleaning of the internal system of petrol engines
  • Drop of fuel consumption by 2%-4%
  • Extension of the engine’s lifetime with lower maintenance cost
  • Superior environmental protection with reduced emission of exhaust gases
  • Reduction of the engine’s friction with significant horsepower and torque increase

ETEKA’s fuels are manufactured in our country’s refineries, with strict quality controls, ensuring quality to the final consumer. Their disposal from our network’s petrol stations combines the high-level professional service with the most competitive prices.