LPG is one of the most cost-effective contemporary options of automotive fuel, heating fuel and industrial fuel. ETEKA GAS, constantly investing in new products, brings LPG to your daily routine, safely and reliably, promoting its cost-effectiveness and easy use.

LPG refers to propane and butane hydrocarbon gases and their mixtures, which are produced by the refining of petroleum (crude oil), or they are extracted from natural gas deposits in the ground. LPG is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly forms of energy with unique advantages. It provides increased autonomy, it reduces the operating expenses and, at the same time, it upgrades the operation mode of your home or your business.

Autogas is an excellent alternative proposal for daily transports, offering many advantages. Vehicles using LPG save up to 40% compared to those using petrol, gaining increased autonomy and, at the same time, contributing to the protection of the environment due to their reduced pollutant emissions.

Industry is a sector with high energy needs. LPG use achieves high fuel saving, ensuring low maintenance costs that contribute to the decrease of the daily operating expenses of your business.

We are a major LPG and propane supplier. Based on our long experience we offer professional solutions to our clients, adapted to the local market needs.